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Our Educational Philosophy:


The Montessori Method of teaching is a time tested, proven form of education. Dr. Maria Montessori (1870 - 1952) was Italy's first female physician. She held a doctorate in psychiatry, philosophy, and was a professor of anthropology. Dr. Montessori created a method of education that is based on the developmental tendencies of human beings.


The Montessori Method is very different from traditional teaching. Below is a chart highlighting some of the main differences:

Montessori Education

Traditional Education

Child Centered

Free/Purposeful Movement

Hands-On Learning

Multi-Age Grouping

Emphasis on Learning

Information Centered

Desks/Teacher Directed Movement

Primarily Textbooks and Oral Instruction

One Age Group Per Class

Emphasis on Grades

Concrete to Abstract


A Montessori environment is designed for experiential learning. Everything is accessible to the children and is readily available for their use. Also, Montessori children are free to wander throughout the classroom exploring, interacting and making work choices. This helps to foster responsibility and self-discipline.


Tactics and methodologies used in the Montessori classroom are child-centered and not information centered. The Montessori Method is designed to provide an opportunity for children to explore, grow and direct their own educational experience. This freedom leads to the development of joyful, life-long learners.


In a Montessori environment, education of the "whole self" is paramount. Therefore, personal and interpersonal growth is cultivated as well as academic development. Multi-age grouping allows children to hone leadership skills, establish role models and mentors, and learn to live and work in harmony with others.


Montessori provides a rich academic, social and spiritual opportunity on all levels. All subjects are combined to create an interdisciplinary educational experience. Lessons and presentations are always prepared with the developmental needs of the children in mind. Dr. Montessori described her method as much more than an isolated academic experience. She referred to it as "Help to Life".

Privacy Policy

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Phoenix Montessori Academy fully embraces diversity as a core value. The school does not discriminate against employees, applicants or students on the basis of race, religion, national or ethnic origin in its hiring practices or administration of its educational and admissions policies or any school-administered program.